Professional Suspended Ceilings – London Based Installations

glass-partitions-suspended-ceiling-london-smSuspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings and false ceilings, offer a secondary ceiling for both old and new architecture. A suspended ceiling is positioned below the primary structural ceiling and provides a wide array of benefits for the room in which it is situated. The space located above the suspended ceiling is known as the plenum space. The plenum space is frequently used for HVAC air return as well as to conceal wiring, piping and ductwork.

Mirage Contracts UK Ltd are a professional supplier of suspended ceilings, including those with an exposed grid system and those with an unexposed system. No matter on the style of suspended ceiling system you select, you will have the option of replacing or changing the tiles if required. Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd design and install all ceiling systems, to ensure that the finished project provides the highest level of accessibility if repair and maintenance is needed for any of the utilities located above the suspended ceiling.

Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd are involved in every process of the suspended ceiling installation. They provide not only tiled suspended ceilings, but also plasterboard suspended ceilings. Plasterboard suspended ceilings are a particularly effective choice for fire protection, moisture resistance as well as sound insulation. With plasterboard suspended ceilings, decorative aesthetics are also available for an improved quality finish.

Regular Suspended Ceiling Panels

This style of suspended tile can be constructed of wood, fibre glass, plastic, perlite and even recycled paper. They commonly feature holed patterns, to help assist with sound absorption. For easy cleaning, in many cases, the tiles are coated with a thin vinyl.

Closed-Edge Panels

This style of panel is usually constructed with an inner foam core, which is surrounded by fibre glass and resin. What makes closed-edge tiles different from regular ceiling tiles, is that they are sealed off and resistant to moisture and contamination such as dirt and grease.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Standard suspended ceiling tiles come available as regular ceiling panels or closed-edge panels.

Suspended Ceiling Grid-Work

The grid-work for a typical suspended ceiling includes a grid-work of metal pathways in a ‘T’ shape. This structure is dropped via wires affixed to the overhead assembly. The metal pathways affix together in a neatly positioned pattern. Each 600 x 600 mm cell has a lightweight tile or panel fitted within it. The tile does not require sticking and can simply be dropped into the grid. Additional fixtures are also available from Mirage Contracts UK Ltd, including the likes of HVAC air grilles and light fixtures, which can be fitted within the same allocated area as a tile.

Irrespective of the suspended ceiling system you would like in your premises, Mirage Contracts will undergo every aspect of your installation, from start to finish, this includes; plastering, jointing and decoration. All prices are competitive and offered at a fantastic rate per square meter. Despite the affordable price, you will still gain a professional service, a speedy installation and top quality materials. Work can also be scheduled to suit the staffing times of your office, to avoid disruption.


If you wish to contact a representative of Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd, simply fill out the contact form on our ‘Contact Us‘ page or call us. We will then meet with you to carry out a site survey, additionally you can visit our suppliers showroom where you will be able to view the many examples of our suspended ceiling systems, to find one that suits your requirements.