Professional Suspended Ceilings – Essex South East Coverage

glass-partitions-suspended-ceiling-london-smAt Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd, we supply suspended ceiling services to suit the requirements of both new and old architecture. Suspended ceilings are also known as false ceilings and drop ceilings. They provide a secondary ceiling located just under the primary ceiling. A suspended ceiling can provide an area with many attributes, including; improved acoustics, noise reduction, moisture resistance and improved insulation.

As a professional supplier of suspended ceilings, Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd, can provide every element of your suspended ceiling system for you.  There are a number of suspended ceiling styles to choose from, including; fire proof and moisture resistant suspended ceilings.  No matter on the suspended ceiling you require be it an exposed or unexposed grid system, Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd can help.

To ensure that you gain the highest level of service, Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd design and install every aspect of your suspended ceiling system, from start to finish.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles Essex

Irrespective of the type of suspended ceiling you require, the tiles that fit within it can be replaced or moving the tiles if needed. The tiles you can select from include; regular ceiling panels as well as closed-edge panels.

Regular Ceiling Panels

If you choose regular ceiling panels, you will have the choice of perlite, wood, fibre glass or plastic to choose from. A regular ceiling tile will most commonly feature a pattern of holes – the holes are featured to assist in the absorption of sound. In most cases, the tiles are also covered with a thin layer of vinyl, for easy cleaning.

Closed-Edge Panels

If you opt for the closed-edge panel, this features a core of inner foam, which can be enclosed either by resin or fibreglass. The unique quality of closed-edge panels is that they are resistant to moisture and pollution.

Suspended Ceiling Grid

The grid-work of a suspended ceiling typically features a T shape structure, made up of metal trails. It is secured via dropped wires, which are fastened to the overhead assembly. The metal trails fit together to form a neat structure. The tile or panel is then fitted into each 600 x 600 mm cell. There is no adhesive involved as the tile simply drops into the grid.

Further fixtures and fitting available from Mirage Contracts UK Ltd, such as light fittings and HVAC air grilles can fit within the same specified area as a tile for added aesthetics and convenience.

No matter on the suspended ceiling system you wish to have installed, Mirage Contracts UK Ltd will complete every element of installation to ensure the utmost professionalism, from jointing and plastering to the decoration.

For a speedy installation, top quality products and a competitive price, Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd can provide a fantastic service to suit the needs of your premises. To avoid disruption, the installation can be scheduled to suit your staffing hours too.

For more information, or if you wish to contact Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd, just complete the contact form on our ‘Contact Us’ page or call on: 07973 714 107 or 01708 752 775.