Shop Partitions & Office Partitioning In London

glass-partitions-suspended-ceiling-london-smWhen considering the use of partitions, there are many different types to choose from. Finding the right partitioning for you should not be a difficult process, especially with our easy to follow descriptions below. The varieties of partitions include; metal stud partitions, demountable partitions and solid glazed partitions.

Metal Stud Office Partitions

Being the most commonly installed variety of partition, metal stud partitions (also referred to as dry lining) can be used effectively to divide both rooms and offices. The installation involved is simplistic, as the partitions can be erected and moved around with ease and with minimum levels of disruption. There are a range of reasons as to why metal stud partitions are used, including improved acoustics, moisture resistance and fire protection. Ply can also be incorporated in the building of the wall to enable other items to be fixed to it. Once the partition has been jointed and plastered, the wall can then be either painted or papered to meet your specified requirements.

Demountable Office Partitions London

Demountable office partition systems can work incredibly well in a wide number of environments, particularly offices. Some are fully demountable, whilst others are not. A fully demountable partition can be taken apart and re-erected in a new location, when required. You can choose from fully glazed, partially glazed or solid partitions. If you would like to take a look at examples of partitions that Mirage Contracts UK have completed, see our ‘Ceilings, Partitions & Cladding Gallery’.

Office Partition Extras

To add further aesthetic appeal to your partitions, there is the option to add blinds, such as venetian, vertical or rolled blinds. Additionally, we can also install doors or add manifestations to your partitions.

Solid Glazed Office Partitions

For solid glazed office partitions, you can choose from a variety of different thickness, from 10mm – 12mm. Solid glass partitions are usually installed and fitted into either a chrome or brushed metal framework. Both of which provide a strong visual appeal, whilst providing a heightened level of light and visibility too. For increased aesthetics, the glass can have manifestations added, this could be to help promote your company, or just to beautify your solid glass partitions further, be it in a shop, office or restaurant. The partitions that Mirage Contracts UK provide are incredibly strong and sturdy, which means they can adhere to the pressures of businesses today.

Hygienic Cladding – Altro Whiterock

At Mirage Contracts (UK) LTD we supply and install Altro Whiterock hygienic cladding. This style of cladding is popularly utilised in both kitchens and bathrooms, due to it’s hygienic properties. The cladding is made from 2.5mm thick PVC plastic, which can be layered directly onto your wall, or insulated from the wall with the utilisation of board.

There is also the option to try 10mm wall cladding, which features a plastic face. Both types of cladding can either be directly fitted to your wall or fitted away from your wall to avoid conflict with any of your wall fixtures.