Altro Whiterock Hygienic Cladding In Essex South East

wall-cladding-smFor hygienic cladding, Altro Whiterock is a superb selection. At Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd all aspects of your hygienic cladding can be completed in a professional manner and is commonly featured in bathrooms and kitchens. The cladding is constructed of PVC plastic (2.5mm in thickness). It can be directly applied to your wall, or with the use of board it can be insulated from the wall.

10mm wall cladding is also available. Whether you choose 2.5mm or 10mm cladding, both styles can be fitted directly to the wall or away from the wall to avoid disruption with other fixtures you may have.

Altro Whiterock Hygienic Cladding

For a practical and decorative alternative to tiles and paint, hygienic wall cladding provides a great functionality. With watertight qualities and a seamless appearance, you can benefit greatly from the installation of Altro Whiterock UPVC walling systems. With a waterproof and highly durable surface, this provides an efficient and practical surface, which is easily maintainable.

Many people use ceramic tiles, as this is the more traditional option – however ceramic tiles can be challenging in regards to hygiene and strength. Altro Whiterock is 100% watertight, whilst ceramic tiles are not. With the use of Altro Whiterock cladding, structural damage can be prevented, this is something that traditional ceramic tiles cannot compete with.

For ultimate hygiene, Altro Whiterock is an ideal choice, as it requires no grouting and has a seamless appearance. It features thermoformed pencil rounded corners, which means bacteria has nowhere to linger. For low maintenance and strong durability, Altro Whiterock is a superb long-term investment.

We offer  a wide variety of Altro Whiterock products, including:

Digiclad: This offers a print design that is digitally created to enable your very own bespoke design to feature on your surfaces.

Satins: This offers a watertight and grout-free cladding system, boosting hygiene for buildings in which it is installed.

Chameleon: This offers a high gloss and bright finish, which can be attained in wither a soft or vibrant tone. If you want to make a bold and confident statement, this is the ideal product.

Chameleon Art: This assists the Chameleon product. It offers a prominent engraved effect, ideal for use on a feature wall.

Hygienic Ceilings – Altro Whiterock

In addition to Altro Whiterock hygienic cladding, hygienic ceilings are the perfect accompaniment. If you are looking to increase levels of hygiene in food preparation or medical areas, hygienic ceilings are a must. Whether you require a fully suspended ceiling system or not, you will find that Altro Whiterock provide both a strong and virtually maintenance-free ceiling facility. All staff at Mirage Contracts have completed training through Altro, so they have the required know-how to install the Altro products successfully.

Hygienic Door Sets – Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock Hygienic Door Sets are fully uPVC and can be designed for utilisation independently or as part of an Altro Whiterock system. Mirage Contracts (UK) Ltd, can provide you with a custom-built service that suits the sizing requirements of your premises, however large or small.